Prepare Your Sprinklers for Winter

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Living in New Jersey, you know just how cold our winters can get. When the ground starts to freeze, make sure your irrigation system can withstand the pressure.

Rossi Pressure Washing LLC based in Fairfield, NJ offers sprinkler blowout and winterization services to keep your system protected throughout the year. We'll make sure your sprinkler heads and water pipes are cleared out to prevent water from freezing, expanding and breaking your sprinkler system.

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Why is sprinkler winterization important?

Why is sprinkler winterization important?

Frozen water pipes are not good for any appliance, whether you use it every day or just a few times a year. Let Rossi Pressure Washing prepare your sprinkler system for the winter so you can avoid:

  • Digging up your yard to prepare broken pipes.
  • Replacing broken sprinkler heads.
  • Dealing with moldy water when your pipes unfreeze.

We provide full sprinkler blowout services to get rid of any water in your pipes, so you can rest assured knowing your irrigation system will make it through the winter. Call today to learn more.